Sitio Oficial del Municipio de Puerto Pirámides, Península Valdes Patagonia Argentina



Observe animals at a distance. Do not follow or close in on wildlife.Never feed the wildlife. This alters their natural behavior and could have negative effects on their health.Leave behind what you find. Rocks, plants, and other natural objects that you might come upon, are best left where discovered so that others can encounter nature as well.

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Southern Right Whale
Eubalaena australis

Every year the transparent waters surrounding the Peninsula are visited by these amazing creatures for their reproduction.The sociable nature of this species often turns whale watching into a unique encounter between man and whale. Don’t miss the opportunity! ver mas
Maguellanic Penguin

Spheniscus magellanicus

There are over 40,000 active Magellanic Penguin nests in the Valdes Peninsula. This curious and entertaining species, attracted by the abundance of food and naturalprotection found here, is the center of attention for tourist from around the world. ver mas

Sea Lion
Otaria flavescens

There exists several Sea Lion colonies along the coast of the Valdes Peninsula which convert into reproductive colonies each year as of December. The Piramid Point Sea Lion Colony can be reached in a matter of minutes from town and is a healthy hour walk.ver mas

Southern Elephant Seals
Mirounga leonina

The only continental colony of this seal species is found here in the Valdes Peninsula. Each year some 9,600 newborns are received by these coasts. Durring the reproductive season there are more than 20,000 Southern Elephant Seals along the Peninsula ver mas

Orcinus orca

The Orcas of Valdes have adopted a unique and amazing method of hunting in the capture of both sea lions and elephant seals. Intentionaly stranding themselves on the beach, taking more than half of their bodies out of the water, catching their prey and then returning to the sea with energetic movement.ver mas

Dusky Dolphin
Lagenorhynchus obscurus

Travelling by boat over the bays and coasts near Puerto Pirámides it is common to encounter groups of Dusky Dolphins, the most common of the dolphins that visit these waters. Dusky Dolphins are seen with regularity in both the Golfo Nuevo and Golfo SanJose.ver mas

There are more than 180 different species of birds observed in the Peninsula. Among these speciesare the Kelp Gull, Blue Eyed Commorant, the Great Grebe and Snowy Sheathbill. Bird Island on the shores of the Golfo San Jose is a favorite nesting ground for many of these local species. ver mas

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