Sitio Oficial del Municipio de Puerto Pirámides, Península Valdes Patagonia Argentina





This is a very arid region, always carry an abundance of water.

A good hat for shade, sunglasses and sun screen are necessary.

Remember, and be prepared to return with all your trash, and when possible, any otherwaste found along the way.

Make an effort to not leave organic waste behind. The presence of organic waste createschanges in wildlife behavior.

Do not burn or bury waste, organic or otherwise.

It is strictly prohibited the use of motorized vehicles for off road travel or on thebeaches.

Check the tide tables before exploring the coast.

Do not introduce any plants or animals not common to the area.

Do not take artifacts from the area (rocks, plants, fosil remains, etc.)

Camping is permitted only in authorized areas.

The Best fire is a good backpackers stove and only in permitted areas.

Never touch, grab or bother the animals in an attempt to see them closer.

If you come across an injured or exhausted animal, do not try and rescue it. Contact the authorities as soon as possible.

Never feed the wildlife.

Do not take back with you any cultural or historical artefacts from the area.

Archeological remains are protected and not to be removed.

Carry nutritional and light food in something that will make it easy to carry your trash back out. Avoid caned and bottled goods due to their weight and uncomfortable bulk, and when used, do not leave anything behind.

Leave your pets at home or if traveling with you, do not take them out. This is a nature reserve and there presence will disrupt the local wildlife.

Keep the noise level as low as posible. Excesive or unifamiliar noises disrupt animal behavior and deteriorate the natural experience for yourself and others.

Smoke only in safe areas and take your filters with you.

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The Valdes Peninsula maintains its own special micro-climate, making it possible to enjoy its beaches throughout most of the year. Being a semi-arid desert with little yearly rainfall and a high percentage of sunny days, combined with its natural protection from the winds, the Peninsula offers an unusually high percentage of days for nautical and beach activities.Even though the months of May through August are cold, from September through April the climate is favorable, unlike most of the rest of Patagonia.

There are many beaches in the Valdes Peninsula, each with its own characteristics. Knowledge of the daily tide tables is important to more safely enjoy what each beach has to share. The daily tidal shift in Golfo Nuevo varies between 3 and 6 vertical meters of change. In Golfo San Jose the change canbe up to more than 9mts.


PUERTO PIRÁMIDES: Beaches close to town


Protecting the town from cold coastal winds and the eroding effects of the sand lays the beach of Pto. Piramides. Surrounded by tamarisks and sand dunes, this is the same beach from which you will embark on nautical excursions for fishing, diving and snorkeling and the only place in Argentina from which whale watching tours are practiced.



PIEDRA GUACHA (Orphan Rock Beach)


This is the first beach after rounding Olazábal Point at the end of the second access road in Puerto Piramides. Walking in an easterly direction along the coast this beach is back dropped by high cliffs and is the first of the local beaches.



LOS MOLINOS (The Wind Mills)


Continuing past Orphan Rock, about a kilometer on, the high cliffs slide away from the coast, creating a narrow valley where the long abandoned remains of a windmill mark where water was once collected to provision the town. An excellent option for peace and quiet, to read a book under the sun in summer, or for enjoying a hot thermos while watching the whales in winter and spring.


LAS CUEVAS (Sea Cave Beach)


Clossing the beautiful bay of Puerto Pirámides and backdroped by low laying cliffs, rests Sea Cave Beach and the formations that give it its name. Huge tidal shifts and the passing of time have created several caves making a magical place to watch the sun sink into the sea.





This beach is a little further away from Puerto Pirámides and can be reached by a 16 km stretch of gravel road. Direcions are easily attained by asking in town. Pardelas is a great place for camping, taking a swim or snorkeling and is the birthplace of SCUBA in Argentina with several underwater formations (PLEASE REMEMBER to leave nothing behind and remove any other trash you may find). To the east, looking left down the coast you can walk the rocks to 





Colombo beach isthe continuation of Pardelas traveling east. It gradually sweeps around in the shape of a bay, covering several kilometers and creating the longest beach in the peninsula. Colombo is an excellent place for an extended coastal walk (always with knowledge of the tide tables).